The Story

Darwin Cellular Repairs, we can provide same day turnaround. On those rare occasions when more comprehensive repair work is required a loan phone can be arranged to ensure you are never out of touch.

As a new online Mobile Repair store Darwin Cellular was looking to make their mark in a crowded marketplace. Their main goal was to establish themselves in the space, building up brand awareness amongst consumers while, more importantly, driving a high ROI. Working closely with their team we were able to dive into their customer personas and better tie their digital marketing efforts to the bottom line.

The Strategy

During the first three months, we noticed that we are getting leads from SEO campaign but the bounce back rate was high so we studied those patterns.We redesigned the website and also created Landing pages altered our messaging to be “Low Price Leaders” and brought on additional inventory of popular mobile brands.

Services Used

  • SEO
  • Website Designing


From month three to month fifth we realized a 82% increase in site revenue, a 58% increase in average order value, and 120% increase in e-commerce conversion rate. In addition to revenue, with revenue continuing to grow each month, we are now at a 800% lift from month one with no signs of slowing down. Spot Top positions in Google search and Google Adwords as-well for most of the keywords. After our SEO &Adwords campaigns, Traffic, rankings & sales have significantly increased.

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