The Story

Rabin Painting Services is a Sydney house and commercial painting service provider and deals in interior and exterior painting over 25 years. So as to increase the organic search the owner of SmeGoWeb partnered with Rabin Painting Services to maximize the site’s organic potential and provide analysis of performance in search.

The SEO challenge that we faced at the beginning of our engagement was lack of a focused keyword strategy and a site built in a way that was very difficult for search engines to crawl for content. The lack of a focused keyword strategy resulted in a situation in which the few SEO elements that could have potentially aided the site (page titles, meta descriptions, internal links from blog posts) we’re far from effective. In order to develop a solution for both problems, our team collaborated to simultaneously perform deep keyword research and look into advanced technical solutions.

Research & Implementing

On the keyword side, we analyzed terminology used in website, dug into large volumes of keyword data, competitors analysis and digging the website to understand exact company working. All these were followed by potential keywords according to average search/industry trends and competition followed.

Further a detailed website analysis was done in terms of finding errors on the website wherein there were few html erros found along with externals links which needs to be resolved. All the meta tags and content required a change according to the keywords selection.

Our research helped us to decide and finalize the best keywords to target the prospective customers. The finalized keywords were further optimized under the on-page factors of the website where we changed the meta tags, content and fixed the errors of the website.

On the other hand, we setup an offsite task plan wherein on a monthly basis a good amount of submissions were done against the website in different citation Sites under Bookmarketing submission, Classified submission, Business listing, Guest post, Image submission, Blog submission and others. All these helped us to build more authority for the website and eventually helped in ranking the website up on the top page.

As there was no Google Analytics installed in the webite so we installed the same so as to track the performance of the campaign including site users, repeated and old visitors, number of seasons, bouncing rate etc.


Things continued to improve over the last 9 months of the campaign, the organic rank of the website is on the top for all targeted keywords and the number of seasons is been improving day by day on the website. Rabin Painting Services is been incredibly happy with the services provided and is still working with us so as to maintain the website authority in the market, we together are finding different and unique measure so as to make the website different from our competitors.

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