As per latest research majority of consumers are using multiple screens. It means mobile alone is not winning, however multiple devices are being used by the same person at the same websites. This is the main reason to have consistent experiences across multiple devices.

Here is an example of Mobile friendly website and a regular website on mobile screen :



Its clear that a regular website doesn’t provides good user experience. It shows lot of information on small interface which makes navigation difficult. There is no doubt that a visitor will prefer mobile website over standard desktop version while he is searching on mobile phone.

Google recently started that website should give similar user experience irrespective of the device used by visitor. Larry Page (CEO Google), endorsed responsive websites lately. Its not a good practise to design different designs for different platforms, its always recommended to have responsive design which works on all devices.


Lets see some stats now :


So finally I would not be wrong if I say that year 2014 was the year where Mobile overtook Desktop usage.

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Tarun Gogia